Sunday, January 14, 2007


Product names Adobe

Adobe has changed the names of the products in the Acrobat family regularly, also splitting products up, joining them together, or discontinuing members. This causes much confusion, not only about what product to obtain, but even about what product people have.

As of 2006, the current main members of the Adobe Acrobat family are

Adobe Reader 8 (previously Adobe Acrobat Reader); no-charge software to read or print PDF files.
Adobe Acrobat Standard 8 and Adobe Acrobat Professional 8; commercial (paid for) software to create PDFs and to manipulate them in various ways. Between version 3 and 5 these were one product simply called Adobe Acrobat.
A growing collection of server and specialist products

Adobe Reader 7 running on DebianAdobe has never created a product called either Adobe Writer or Acrobat Writer, although these names seem a natural opposite to the Reader product. To add more confusion, Acrobat used to include a printer driver called PDFWriter.

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